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Brummett Dressage

 Show Services

Hauling                                   $ 200 minimum rate...then $2.00/per mile 

Setup and Takedown             250.00

Lodging                                175.00 per day
Show Clip                               40.00
Body Clip                               150.00
Lunging                                   20.00 for 1/2 hr
Ride or Exhibit Per Class        75.00

Catch Ride (non-clients)         100.00 per ride
Blanketing                                5.00 per horse per day
Legs wrapped for the night      5.00 per day

Local Schooling Show             150.00

Class A Show (Fri Sat Sun)    400.00

Regionals Determined on Location

Nationals Determined on Location

 Coaching                               75.00 if Theresa is already there


French Braid                            30.00 Mane/Forelock
Hunter Braiding                      100.00 Mane/Forelock/Tail/Flowers

Shaved Dressage Tail/Bang     20.00
Dressage Braid                         50.00

  Coaching Fees for Horse Shows

1 Rider/horse                         100.00 Per day Plus Expenses (Mileage/Meals/Hotel) 
2 Riders/horses                        50.00 per day plus expenses split between 2 riders
3 or more Riders/horses         40.00 per day plus expenses split between riders

  Photo Shoot

Complete Bathing/Clipping/Show Prep Treatments       $250.00

  Entry Submission                 50.00

Owner will receive a complete bill after the end of the show.

  Any unforseen services must be discussed with Theresa first,  so the Groom/Assistant can be notified as soon as possible to accommodate your needs.



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    Brummett Dressage

    21600 A.D. May Rd
    Trilby, Florida 33523
    United States of America
    USEF Safe Sport Certified