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Brummett Dressage

Theresa Brummett

Silver Medalist

Training for GOLD

United States Dressage Federation

2013, 2011

IFSHA World, National, Regional Champion Trainer

Theresa Brummett was born a 3rd generation horse owner enthusiast in Washington State.  The 100acre farm raised over the years a handful of cows, the usual stray cats and dogs and over 30 Shetland ponies.  The family was never involved in showing horses or the ponies, however the Pony Stallion her grandfather owned was sold to The Barnum Bailey Circus. Eventually only Theresa’s mother followed her love of her own horse, simply for pleasure riding.

It was never possible for Theresa to show horses or have lessons, except for 4-H, which she enjoyed and learned to become a good listener and observer as her friends took lessons and showed their horses.

Eventually at 18yrs old she was working on her own, able to video hours and hours of others at shows, still hanging on every word spoken in lessons to others.  It took a solid year before she made the decision to try Dressage but first, it would be determinate on…how heavy was that Dressage saddle compared to her heavy Western saddle onto her 16.3h gelding.  And believe it or not, that moment put her on the path of Dressage…yes, because the saddle was lighter!

Over the years putting her horse in full training was still financially out of the question.  So, it was with the occasional lessons in the early 90’s with Roxanne Christenson, Dietrich Von Hopfgarten, Gwen Blake, Molly Martin & Manolo Cid, and the most inspirational mentor, Mr. Michael Osinski.

Leaving her home for Florida in the mid 90‘s became an obvious next step.  Two horses came with her on her travel across the country, one that was an off the track 12yo Thoroughbred no one wanted, she trained herself to 4th Level, the other a 6yr old un-broken National Show Horse gelding, recently rescued from an uncertain future.

It was intimidating those first years in Florida, not knowing anyone or who was going to be a good mentor. She took lessons with Toine Hoeffs, from Holland, as well as Gerard Kirsch who was motivating her in his French system of training.  Because of Gerard, Theresa found a system she could link into and became very successful with.

In 98’ Theresa was campaigning the now 18yr Thoroughbred at Intermediare 1 and schooling all the Grand Prix.  That fall she had enough scores for the USDF Silver Medal.  Shortly after this time the Thoroughbred was sold and went onto to help another rider earn her Bronze.

Theresa’s other horse, a National Show Horse, was very upright with a lot of action not yet accepted in the streamline of Dressage, therefore Theresa went with the horse into Show Hack, winning several Top National Rankings and was successful in the Arabian Circuit winning with several horses of her own.  A few years were spent breeding for Half-Arabian Sport Horses which was not profitable and was eventually dissolved.

Somehow Andalusians, Lusitano and trick training and exhibitions came along and eventually the Friesians.  The last several years have Theresa training successfully this breed in Dressage, Hunter Pleasure, In-Hand and Show-Hack earning several World Championship Titles a prestigious Unanimous win and many National Titles.  

Continuned education includes the long investment in time and income into the USDF L Program. Currently Judging local schooling shows, giving clinics and coaching a full schedule of dedicated riders, as well as running her training and boarding location in central Florida.

If you are interested in having Theresa give a clinic at your location, your inquires are welcome. She is specifically gifted working with nervous anxious riders. Happy riding!

Theresa CIRCA 1970's

    Brummett Dressage
    21600 A.D. May Rd
    Trilby, Florida 33523

    USEF Safe Sport Certified
    United States Dressage Federation
    Arabian Horse Association